Shundahai events and actions by the year












  • Organized a Mothers Day Action for Nuclear Abolition non-violent direct action camp at the Nevada Test Site, May 8 – 10th. Over 60 activists enjoyed ceremony, workshops, and celebrations. Twenty nine activists were arrested resisting plans to restart nuclear weapons testing.

  • Held an October Nuclear Free Great Basin Gathering at the Skull Valley Goshute Reservation near Salt Lake City, planned site of the Private Fuel Storage nuclear waste dump. Over 100 activists from around the country participated in the workshops, press conference, and ceremonies. A core crew of committed activists emerged from this gathering to continue resisting plans to dump nuclear waste in the Great Basin.

  • Continued to direct financial support and professional resources to Western Shoshone and Goshute organizations and activists working for a Nuclear Free Great Basin.

  • Co-sponsored, planned and hosted a film and speaking event with Amnesty International Utah Chapter, featuring leaders of the Western Shoshone Nation discussing the current U.S. invasion of their lands and destruction of their natural resources.

  • Contributed film footage of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Western Shoshone lands and illegal confiscation of their livestock and horses in retaliation for Shoshone opposition to gold mining and nuclear projects on their land. This footage, recorded by Shundahai Network staff, has been used by the Western Shoshone in their legal action as well as in several documentary films.

  • Participated in the nonviolent demonstrations at the Republican National Convention to protest Republican-driven nuclear weapons and energy policies. Shundahai staff were featured on Utah major television and radio stations as “street reporters”.

  • Provided unique logistical support for many indigenous gatherings and events including the Western Shoshone National Council Spring Gathering, International Indian Treaty Council Thirty Year Anniversary Conference and two indigenous environmental defense gatherings at Rock Creek, Nevada.

  • Attended several national organizing conferences aimed at strengthening the environmental justice and anti- nuclear movements.

  • Engaged in key roles to continue BASE - Building Action for Sustainable Environments, an alliance of 17 environmental justice organizations nation-wide, serving Indigenous and other minority and communities of color who campaign against radioactive, military, and other toxic industrial facilities located in our communities.

  • Delivered written and oral testimony at over four public hearings concerning nuclear transport, dumping and Down-winder compensations.

  • Shared resources and organizing efforts with many other regional and national organizations such as Citizen Alert, HEAL Utah, DONT, NIRS, Public Citizen, in their ongoing work for a Nuclear Free Great Basin and Environmental Justice. We have utilized our email alert list with over 20 action alerts.

  • Directly met with and supplied important up to date issue information to national and state legislators.

  • Utilized our office by providing space for monthly events with the primary emphasis on supporting local indigenous artists.

  • Been featured in many newspaper, magazine and newsletter articles around the globe. Corbin and staff participated in several radio talk shows on NPR, Pacifica and several local stations. We held one successful press conference and are helping to produce a documentary film on the Nuclear Free Great Basin Gathering and plight of the Goshute Tribal members resisting the nuclear waste dump.